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Case Studies - AliExpress 3.28 Youtube

Campaign Brief

AliExpress had its 11th-anniversary birthday sale coming up and they wanted to reach out to as many people as possible! As a global brand, AliExpress was already established in most major cities, but they were looking to establish a stronger foothold in the European market. To maximise the exposure to the local community, AliExpress wanted to target youtube Influencers in Spain to push one of the largest sales events of the year.

Our Approach

We worked together with AliExpress to brainstorm content ideas on how to best promote the platform through Youtube Influencers. We decided to give the Youtubers a selection of free products of their choice that they could choose on the platform, and film their own reaction videos when they receive the product. 

As the Youtube influencers had the option to choose their products while having the flexibility to create content in their own style. This campaign was a huge success as the influencers were genuinely happy in reviewing the products they have received, while AliExpress was happy with the results attained through this partnership.

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