Case Studies - AliExpress 3.28 Instagram

Campaign Brief

AliExpress had one of its birthday events coming up and they wanted to reach out to as many people as possible! As a global brand, AliExpress was already established in most major cities, but they were looking to establish a stronger foothold in the European market. To maximise the exposure to the local community, AliExpress wanted to target Instagram Influencers in Spain to push their birthday sales event through trending hashtags and organic shares.

Our Approach

We worked together with AliExpress to brainstorm content ideas on how to best promote the platform through Instagram Influencers. We decided to give the Instagram influencers the freedom to be able to create their own content while keeping it easy to generate content and post it on their social media pages. 

By providing influencers with pre-made photos and stickers for the event, influencers have the option to easily create content by overlaying the sticker with their own photos. As impressions and high engagement were the key target objectives of this campaign, we actively engaged with nano-influencers in our network that have a high engagement rate with their community. 

No. of Influencers


Target Country


Total Impression


Total Engagement


Engagement Rate