Case Studies - abComo

Campaign Brief

abComo was looking to promote their new range of celestial jewelry to users in some European countries including Spain, Poland, and Germany. abComo uses sustainable packaging when delivering their products worldwide and was looking for a way to get their product into the market through word of mouth. 

In order to carve a niche out of the crowded jewelry marketplace, abComo decided to focus on offering high-quality, semi-fine jewelry at affordable prices to these markets.

Our Approach

Sustainable jewelry is a strong angle in the European market so we leveraged this to identify influencers who had posts and a strong standing towards sustainability to promote their products. Along with this, we wanted to showcase the unique celestial design of their necklaces and earrings.

Like other brands, we used a “pyramid” approach towards this campaign where we had a mix of nano-influencers who had great engagement rates, and some larger influencers to drive higher impressions and position the brand well. 

Instead of a one-off engagement, we are still working with abComo regularly as we want to establish longer-term relationships with the influencers in the region. 

No. of Influencers


Target Country

Spain, Poland, France

Total Impression


Total Engagement


Engagement Rate