atome X shein

Case Studies - atome X SHEIN

Campaign Brief

Atome was looking for a way to push the campaign for their partner SHEIN in a more organic, cost-effective manner. Through influencers on Instagram, Atome wanted to get more users to know about their Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution while emphasising that stylish fashion does not have to be expensive. The Atome team was open to any campaign ideas that we could adopt so long as they were able to achieve their target KPI and aligned with their brand guidelines.

Our Approach

We brainstormed different ways to build this campaign, and subsequently came up with the caption “Own Your Aspirations. You do you.”. We felt that this encapsulates the essence that Atome was trying to bring forward, where influencers had the freedom to be able to create unique content and looks while promoting the brand. Furthermore, we wanted to showcase a sense of empowerment where individuals are no longer limited by their finances to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Towards approach influencers, we adopted a pyramid approach where we targeted a mixture of influencers from different ranges in order to get a good mix of engagement rates and impressions. 

For this campaign, we had to get the campaign completed within a month from inception down to influencers getting their posts approved and posted. Through clear communication and a ready mix of influencers that we have collaborated with in the past, we were able to fulfil the deliverables well within the given time frame.

No. of Influencers


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Total Impression


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