Top 10 Instagram Shoutout Pages in 2021

Instagram has over 1 billion active users with the number expected to continue increasing in the future. Due to its popularity, it has grown to be among the best digital marketing platforms for brands. 

However, some brands open an Instagram account but don’t get the engagement they desire. 

Apart from consistently posting relevant content of high quality, as a brand, you have to actively promote your content for utmost visibility.

One way you can do this is by promoting through Instagram shoutout pages. This allows you to be noticed by a broader audience.

To start us off, … 

What Is An Instagram Shoutout?

An Instagram shoutout happens when one Instagram user mentions another user on their own account. This may be posted in a picture, story, or reel and the brand is tagged.

To get an effective shoutout, you need to network with other brands and be willing to also mention them on your account.

Instagram shoutouts are a form of influencer marketing, a fast-growing trend that is expected to dominate the digital marketing field in the years to come. 

Ways To Get Instagram Shoutouts 

There are several ways in which an Instagram shoutout can come about.

Here are some of the ways in which you can get a shoutout on Instagram.

  • A shoutout for a shoutout (S4S).

This is a simple barter trade deal between two parties where they both agree to give each other a shoutout on their respective accounts. This kind of shoutout does not involve any monetary investment and both parties benefit from the exposure.

  • Paid shoutouts

This is the most common kind of shoutout where a brand pays another Instagram user to promote their product/service. It is the classic social media influencer marketing trend.

This shoutout does not only have to be made in monetary form but can also be made by giving a free product, service, or subscription.

  • Voluntary shoutouts

This is a shoutout made by someone pleased with a brand and would like to recommend it to others. There is no deal made and no money is involved.

Tips To Finding Relevant Instagram Shoutout Pages

  1. Search for Instagram pages with content in your niche.

When looking for a page to get a shoutout from, ensure you check out for pages that post content that is similar to yours. This is because they have a similar audience as yours which is relevant to your brand. 

Getting a shoutout from a random page that is not in your niche but has a huge following may help you reach a wide audience but the audience may not be quite interested in that kind of content and hence may not convert to be your consumers.

  1. Use niche-specific hashtags

Hashtags help in making a brand discoverable on social media. By using the right hashtags, you can discover more pages to contact and those that will be most effective for your brand.

Using niche-specific hashtags also helps you identify the pages with content similar to yours. For example, if you have a fashion-based company, use hashtags that influencers and fashion brands use. For example, you can use #fashioninfluencer #fashiontips to find some relevant Instagram shoutout pages.

Instagram also has an algorithm that helps you find the most popular hashtags that you can use for your brand.

  1. Network and build a rapport with others in your field.

Before asking for a shoutout from a page or an influencer, ensure you engage first with their content. People have to feel a genuine connection before they can start promoting you on their pages.

You can do this by liking and commenting on their posts, asking meaningful questions, and bringing up relevant topics of discussion.

This way, they will notice you and when you ask for a shoutout, they will be more inclined to help a familiar profile.

  1. Use an Instagram shoutout app.

There are several shoutout apps that you can use to find the most suitable Instagram shoutout pages. For example, NeoReach and Shoutcart have their own database with vetted influencers for various industries.

Using an app is very time efficient as you won’t have to sift through many profiles to find the most suitable pages to ask for a shoutout from.

So, what are… 

The Top 10 Instagram Shoutout Pages In 2021

Here is a curated list of the top 10 Instagram shoutout pages that can help improve your brand’s discoverability and help you gain more followers.

  1. Instagood

This is one of the most popular shoutout pages for you to get a shoutout for your posts. All you have to do is accompany your post with the hashtag #instagoodmyphoto. 

The post will then be reviewed and posted on their page. This Instagram shoutout page posts inspirational posts and can be a perfect avenue for discovering your brand.

  1. The People’s Creatives

This Instagram shoutout page features creative, unique posts. You will need to post your picture with the hashtag #peoplescreatives to be recognized and featured on their feed.

  1. Passion Passport

This shoutout page is mainly for travel influencers and those interested in travel photography. Their feed mainly contains impactful, human, and diverse stories about travel. 

The hashtag to use is #passionpassport or  #passionpassportvideo for your photos or videos to be presented in front of a huge travel following.

  1. Fitbeast

This shoutout page is popular with fitness enthusiasts. Their feed mainly consists of workout videos from various sources. They always give credit to the original user. 

To be featured on their page, you can use the hashtag #fitbeast. This is an excellent platform for your brand to be discovered since their target market is people who are interested in all matters of fitness.

  1. Hair Place

This Instagram page features the best posts on hair and hairstyles. If you are a brand that deals with hair products or you are a hairstylist, this is one of those pages you should not miss out on.

To get details on how you can get a shoutout from them, send them an email. Do not send a direct message to their page to get a shoutout. 

  1. BodyBuilding Nation

This is another Instagram shoutout page for fitness-related content especially targeted to those focusing on bodybuilding. Their feed consists of videos and images of people exercising their muscles.

The hashtag to use to be featured on their page is #bodybuildingnation.

  1. Fashion Outfit

This is a page for all fashion and beauty brands. Their Instagram feed mainly features content on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. If you are a brand involved in any of these fields, you should consider being featured on their platform to get exposure to a larger audience.

To be featured on their page, you can use the hashtag #mymakeupcover.

  1. Live Folk

This Instagram shoutout page features adventure and lifestyle content from different sources. They always give credit to the original owner of the post. You can use the hashtag #lifeofadventure as you post on your timeline.

In addition to posting the pictures, they also share the story behind them. This makes the post more interesting and creative, hence attracting more followers to the original post.

  1. Fun Clips

This page contains short funny clips. It is one of the most popular Instagram shoutout pages in the fun category. Here you can get all the funny videos and memes in their feed.

  1. The Visuals Collective

This Instagram shoutout page features photos from avid travellers and photographers with high-quality photos. To get a shoutout from The Visuals Collective, accompany your photos with the hashtag #exploretocreate.

You can also submit your creative, adventure-inspired photos through a link on their bio.


Instagram shoutout pages are a great way for your brand to gain exposure from a larger audience. The list above has a variety of pages you can choose from depending on your niche of choice. 

If you want your Instagram account to grow, this is one marketing strategy that you should consider. The best part is, you don’t have to spend any amount of money.

Now go ahead and find the most suitable shoutout page for you and enjoy the visibility and engagement you are about to receive. 

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