6 Ways Brands Can Utilize TikTok in Their Marketing

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TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to share funny and engaging content of any genre. Although it showed signs of being a jackpot in 2016 when it was first developed and released by ByteDance, it didn’t quite reach international recognition until it became available worldwide on the 2nd of August, 2018 – many thanks to TikTok marketing.

Tiktok started as a platform where pre-teens and youngsters can make entertaining informal videos, but factors like time and the covid era made TikTok into an app where people of different age brackets can share content from different niches -mostly about entertainment. Now, companies can take advantage of TikTok to promote a product or even grow their brand using the said platform.

Presently, Tiktok has around 100M monthly users in the US alone and has been downloaded 2billion times internationally. If you add the stats above to the fact that this popular video-sharing app can keep its users engage for at least 45mins a day, you can agree with me that the answer to the question “can TikTok drive sales?” is a big YES. 

Although TikTok may have slightly different features to its competitor apps, it can also serve as an avenue for a successful digital marketing campaign if your brand makes use of the right TikTok marketing strategies. 

And that is what we’re about to reveal to you in a sec. 

6 TikTok Marketing strategies for your brand. 

  1. Follow trending videos: 

Unlike other social media platforms where organic growth doesn’t happen over time, TikTok has what they call “the out at once” popularity streak. In other words, with TikTok, you also have a chance of going viral by making just one very interesting video. 

I agree that this TikTok marketing strategy might seem difficult to brand owners because -hello, how can you make a sales product go viral?? You won’t be the first to say this, because lots of brands find it easier to create branded content for every other social media platform except TikTok.

But this marketing strategy is feasible if you can relate your video to a trending video or topic by finding the most talked about topic or video, and make some brand-related juicy content out of it. 

For instance, a fashion brand can tap into a trending TikTok dance by collaborating with their workers or even a TikTok influencer (more on this later) to wear their brand while making their TikTok video. You can even go the extra mile of making the video more dramatic, or funnier to concentrated on the product that you want to promote on TikTok. 

But that’s not where it ends, below are few key TikTok marketing strategies that you can follow to refine your brand’s trending videos to milk the highest engagement rates, conversion rates, or whatever is your brand’s goal for TikTok-ing

How To Make Trending TikTok Videos

  • Find out Tiktok’s latest trends and hashtags
  • Make your video with trending songs. 
  • Remember that the first few seconds of your video will determine if your viewers will swipe or stay, so thrill them as much as you can. 
  • Skillfully insert your brand’s message into the video. This could be in the form of industry secrets, a demo peak, how-tos, and others. 
  • Add filters and carry out a sound video editing
  • Add relevant hashtags and upload your video. 
  1. Post User-Generated content

User-generated content (aka testimonials, reviews, and challenges) as a form of branded content is one of the most vital content that drives engagement on many social media platforms, including TikTok. The reason user-generated content is hyped is that it improves a brand’s awareness and promotes products. It also helps to build trust and a somewhat personal connection between the brand and its customers. 

User-generated content gives customers a chance to air their opinions about a company’s product or services. It gives customers a feeling of being involved with their favorite brands and also gives the brands insight into their marketing strengths and weaknesses. 

Note that, on Tiktok, the most feasible way of producing user-generated content is through hashtags and reposts. 

An example of successful user-generated content was the chipotle: flip the lid challenge. 

Image souhttps://justcreative.com/tiktok-marketing/rce

In this TikTok marketing strategy, all the users had to do was flip a lip and make it land perfectly on a chipotle bowl. The goal of this challenge was to make people aware of the chipotle Cincon de Mayo free delivery deal, and it achieved this and more. Primarily, it boosted chipotle’s brand awareness, and also made a lot of people buy a chipotle bowl to participate in the priceless challenge. 

Not only this, but it also drove high engagement, and to date, the chipotle brand is now easily associated with fun TikTok content. 

  1. Partner with influencers: 

Talk about the benefits of influencers in digital marketing cannot be over-emphasized. It brings about brand and product awareness, indirect product and service sales through conversion rates, and loyal customers through engagement rates. 

However, this influencer “influence” can only be achieved if your brand collaborates with influencers whose audience demographics suit your brand’s target audience. Also if the said influencer’s niche suits your brand’s goals.  

Does this sound tedious and time-consuming already? Here’s a tip: use influencer marketing tools like anyStarr to find the most suitable influencer; filtered by location, niche, audience demographic, and so on.

An example of a successful TikTok influencer-brand collaboration is the #my Calvin. A collaboration between Calvin Klein (a fashion brand), with mega influencers like Kendal Jenner, ASAp Rocky, and Shawn Mendes (the popular Canadian singer and songwriter). 

Image source: https://justcreative.com/tiktok-marketing/

  1. Use TikTok Ads: 

Like in every other social media platform, it takes time, skills, and even discipline to grow one’s TikTok following and presence organically. And if you believe in luck, then you might have a chance of making one single video that will go viral. But that jackpot could still take time and practice to hit, which leaves us with one TikTok marketing strategy: the use of TikTok Ads. 

An ad might not drive brand sales, but it sure will put your brand and its products in front of as many of your target audience as your money can buy, for as long as the size of your ad budget.

With TikTok ads, you can cut the delay on your brand’s awareness and product promotion, directed strictly to your target audience. Note that you can place a TikTok ad with as low as $500 and ripe its juicy benefits. 

  1. Use TikTok live streaming:

IMAGE SOURCE: https://socialsingam.com/how-to-go-live-stream-on-tiktok-app/ 

Brands that will benefit the most from this digital marketing strategy are event managers. However, non-event-managing brands can use TikTok live streaming to improve their brand’s TikTok presence.  

And this is how it can be done: 

Your brand can bank on TikTok’s lifestreaming to create a feeling of loyalty and trust among your audience. All your brand needs to do is to mix official live streaming with casual live streaming so that your audience will always look forward to tuning in. 

Casual live streaming can be likened to a behind-the-scene video where a company’s staff can be filmed having mindless fun and engaging their audience. You can decide to match the break on the amount of filter and AR you use in this type of video, but remember not to be too shabby. 

The thrill of watching a live video is that most of the actions are seen firsthand, without having to be present at the scene. And if it was a casual live video, the words would be unscripted and feel more relatable to your audience. 

  1. Use a TikTok’s Pro Account: 

Image source: https://toprecents.com/pros-and-cons-of-tiktok-pro-account/ 

TikTok’s pro account works pretty much like an Instagram account. 

Its purpose is to provide brand accounts (or personal TikTokers) with analytics to measure their success and failures in their TikTok marketing strategy. Pro accounts offer features that will give you insights into your views, data on your most engaging and trending video, and other useful data. 

While carrying out your brand’s TikTok marketing strategy, remember that personal TikTko-ers can be forgiven if they create poor quality content with poor camera quality and poor editing, but these glitches won’t be taken lightly if it comes from a brand’s content. 

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