5 Easy Ways to gain followers using Instagram Reels

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Instagram introduced a new and exciting feature, Instagram Reels. It is similar to Instagram stories, but it has added features like video editing, speed control,  combining multiple videos, etc. It is, however, limited to 30 seconds. The short videos are added to Instagram’s explore feed, meaning that it’s possible for people who are not following you to view your video. This feature only works if you have set your account public.  It is similar to TikTok. However, TikTok’s video can last up to 60 seconds. This is double the length of Instagram’s Reels.

Reels are a great way to share your ideas, talents or even promote your business. It is appropriate since it has a large audience base. Isn’t this awesome? I want to share ways that you can gain followers using Instagram’s Reels.

1. Create original catchy content.

People are usually looking for new exciting content that is fascinating and appealing to the eye. Captivating content can easily mean that they will be willing to follow you to ensure that they will not miss your Reels in the future. People do not usually forget what they see. That is why creating interesting videos is vital to try and get more followers on Instagram. Reels time can be short and long at the same time. It’s crucial to have enough content and make it catchy from the beginning to make your audience want to view it till the end.

It’s also important to try and make people want to watch your Reels more than once. This increases the chance that your Reels will pop up in the featured tag, a feature used by Instagram to inform its viewers that the Reels has good content.

2.  Posting reels more often.

Consistent posting will play a vital role in the growth of your Instagram reels. Posting more than four reels a week will surely increase your audience base, who will feel compelled to follow you, therefore increasing your followers.

I know what you are thinking, more than four reels a week! That’s insane, right? But don’t worry, content creation for Reels that will be interesting enough to the Instagram users can be hideous, but it can be easy if you try this out.

⦁ Try doing the latest challenges that are trending on Instagram, TikTok, or trending overall.

⦁ Try re-doing past the popular challenges or experiences that will ring a bell in the viewer’s mind. People tend to like going to the past from time to time, but not all the time.

⦁ Try posting behind the scenes of videos that did well in the past.

There are also things that matter while posting the reels. Examples are:

⦁ The quality of the video-people is more attracted to viewing high-quality videos, meaning posting quality videos is a big plus in earning followers using reels.

⦁ The introductory part should be catchy making the viewer want to watch until the end.

Another fascinating way to grow your Instagram reels is to include trending and popular songs and sounds in your video.

Music is therapeutic. Most people listen to music to cool down their thoughts. Popular songs and sounds are more likely to pop up in Instagram’s feed which consistently increases the views per reel as people trying to search the track will come across your reel and end up viewing it. If the reels are interesting enough, most users are eager to know what you will post next and end up following you. This can be a great way of increasing followers on Instagram.

3. Adding Hashtags

Hashtags can be a great way of increasing the viewers since people often search for keywords, for example, #Dogs. If you had included the hashtag in your reel, it will pop up in the reels section making it easy to gain more and more followers on Instagram. However, be cautious in adding hashtags as they have to be related to the reels. For example, if your reels are about fashion, do not put such a hashtag as #cats. This way, the viewer will not be disappointed by your post.

Setting an eye-catching cover photo.

An impressive cover photo will play a vital role in the number of views you will get. As I have mentioned, time and again, they directly proportional to the number of new followers you are capable of having. Set an eye-catching cover that will convince a viewer to watch your reel till the end.

4. Add your reel to your story.

Your reel will also appear in your story for your followers to view. Your followers might not increase, but it publicizes you so people can share your feed to others who might not be directly following you, meaning that you might as well get more followers.

5. Add a vote, text on the screen.

Grasps the attention of the viewer, making them curious to know what will happen next. Including questions on the reel makes the viewer feel obliged to reply, thus fetching more people to view. You should also respond and like their comments to motivate them to view your other reels.

6. Adding captivating captions on your Instagram reels.

This leaves the viewer eager to know what will happen next. This makes him/her to view the Instagram reel till the end. With collaboration with interesting content, this will help you gain lots of followers.

I hope that this information is helpful to you. Let’s watch the numbers of followers rise to millions.😊

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